Pop Flop

An original gift based on photo, which you will be able to paint with your own hands in 60 minutes!

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What is Pop Flop portrait?

Pop Flop - provides a unique opportunity to create an original gift – a painting based on a photo. Looking for a creative gift or an interior decoration? This is exactly what you are looking for! 

Pop Flopa brand-new type of gifts. This is an interior art object, a creative workshop, an original gift in an unusual format, which we will help you to implement with style. In this gift’s creation we do not use automatic programs, all sketches are made by professional artists! With the help of our set you will create a unique painting in a Pop Art style!

You can order not only an original portrait of one or several persons but also a logotype, a portrait of your pet, car, favourite character and many other. The beauty of this technique is in the fact that everyone can become an artist with guaranteed pleasure from the process and a perfect result.
Evoke a storm of positive emotions by an original gift, which will be remembered for a lifetime!

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Video - Pop Flop making process

Pop flop portrait creation process

1. Get ready

Open the packaging and take the contents out. The set includes a white canvas with a barely visible image, acrylic paints, 5 paint brushes, a self-adhesive film, wet wipes and a manual.

2. Create

Then a creative process begins. Everyone who wants paint the canvas, depicting whatever they want limited only by own imagination. Up to 5 persons can participate in the painting process simultaneously.

3. Look forward

Wait for paint to dry. The average drying time is from 30 min. to 1 hour. Then stick the self-adhesive film on the canvas and smooth it out.

4. Enjoy

Unstick the film in an accurate manner and that’s it! Well then, in front of you there is a unique and exclusive portrait in the Pop Art style created by you!

Sizes and prices

Canvas size 40х50 cm

60 euro

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Canvas size 50х70 cm

80 euro

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Canvas size 60х80 cm

100 euro

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Audekla izmērs 70х100 см

150 euro

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Audekla izmērs 80х120 см

200 euro

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What is included in the Pop Flop set?


100% cotton


Special self-adhesive film


Manual to create a masterpiece


Special card for smoothing out the film


5 bristle paint brushes


5 paints depending on palette chosen

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Pop Flop service

Quick delivery
Europe 2-7 days
Worldwide 7-14 days


Individual sketches 
 Our sketches are created manually by genuine artists

If you are not satisfied with the sketch, we will refund you

Creative gift
Perfect for any celebrations or event

How to order?
Working Hours:
M. - Fr. 9:00 - 20:00

E-mail: info@popflop.lv

Phone nr.: +371 29 333 827

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